As a Jewelry Educator, I strive to blend historical and modern methods of jewelry design and metalwork via lectures, teaching, and hands on learning in a variety of traditional and contemporary materials and processes. I teach the formal principles and elements of design along side of conceptual elements. The history of jewelry is also discussed and shared to better understand the creative process at an intuitive level. By teaching the formal principles & elements of design along side of conceptual elements concurrently, this enables a student to prepare for independently and objectively evaluating designs and processes in jewelry as well as develop their own individual narrative in their jewelry designs as well as determine how jewelry fits into and affect the material culture of our society.

I am available for interviews or lectures at any time. Please contact me for more information.


University of Wisconsin, Madison 2001-2002

Edgewood College 1992-1993

Madison Area Technical College 1991-1995

Indiana University at South Bend 1987-1989


The Gemological Institute of America (Distance Education)

Recipient: GIA Colored Stones Certificate –2008

Recipient: GIA Colored Stones Essentials Certificate –2006

Recipient: GIA Diamonds and Diamond Grading Certificate –2005

Recipient: GIA Diamond Essentials Certificate -2004

Recipient: GIA Diamonds Certificate -1999


Tournaments Illuminated, issue 214, 2020, “Regalia Commissions and RFPs” pgs 11-14, Tournaments Illuminated #214 2nd quarter 2020

Contributed content to “The Jeweler’s Bench Book” by Charles Lewton-Brain. This book looks at the jewelers bench in depth. The book was informed by a survey which over 140 people answered. The Jeweler’s Bench Book covers everything from the basics of bench design to ingenious tips for tool storage and arrangement.

Contributed content to “Tournaments Illuminated”, (192, 4th quarter 2014). ‘Quest Article: Engimas of History’ with guest editor Robin Finch.

The British Museum manages the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) and oversees the administration of the Treasure Act 1996 (both in England). We also host the secretariat for Treasure cases in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Several of the listings mention my typology for aiglets (lace tags)

Several websites have been directing readers to my website for further information about aiglets.

Self published:
Some possible examples of extant aiglets meant to be sewn onto garments. ( https://www.livingstonjewelers.com/library/sewingAigletsFeb2018.pdf )
Aiglets: Medieval, Post Medieval, and Modern. June 2017 ( https://www.livingstonjewelers.com/library/aigletsJune2017.pdf )
Powerpoint slides for the above presentation ( https://www.livingstonjewelers.com/library/ppslides2017.pdf )
Talking notes for the above presentation ( https://www.livingstonjewelers.com/library/conferencenotes2017.pdf )

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    Historical Jewelry Manufacturing Processes

    I am currently working to turn my paper: Aiglets: Medieval, Post Medieval, and Modern into a book.

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