• SPECIAL TOPIC DESCRIPTION (WINTER 2007): This upper-year seminar investigates the relation between queer theory and contemporary media theory, while
    concentrating on current theoretical and historical approaches to sexuality, and associated debates and critiques.

    Building on over one decade of work in the area of queer media studies, this course specifically addresses and works through the problem of the queer archive and cultural memory in relation to such concepts as representation, visibility, performativity, gender, identity, community, counter/publics, space, globalization and ephemerality.

    Readings are arranged thematically and build on one another as the course unfolds. Central questions concern the status of a queer or sexual archive, for example, What
    would constitute it? How would one look or feel? How does language use or gesture figure in one? Where would one exist spatially?
    The course also includes the screening of excerpts of important films and videos, stemming from diverse activist, art and “independent” scenes as well as the