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    In the current social and political turmoil, few issues are more divisive and cause more controversy than issues related to the rights of sexual minorities and gender dissidents. The polarizing impact of these issues is really astounding given the size of these two groups. Explanations for this divisiveness of LGBTQ rights focus on either the recalcitrance of conservatives or on the recklessness of progressive advocates of change. This article questions these explanations. It sees the main problem in the very approach used by groups on both sides of the divide. The article outlines a new approach to the rights of sexual minorities and gender non-conformists that would avoid the trap of absolutism and universalism. Through understanding of the process of creation that is central to human relationship with reality and, consequently, to human nature will make possible a realistic approach toward LGBTQ rights and will help create a more effective strategy for protecting these rights. The article also looks at sexuality education as an important contributor to the controversies related to gender and sexuality.