• Garrett Lynch (IRL) deposited Exploring the networked image in ‘post’ art practices in the group Group logo of Contemporary ArtContemporary Art on Humanities Commons 1 year, 4 months ago

    This article presents and discusses a series of four networked artworks undertaken since 2013. The artworks are performative, created within the web over a duration of time, are visible to an audience throughout their creation and as such can be considered as durational networked performances. Different in subject matter they overlap considerably in themes, form and methods employed and constitute a body of research that explores the networked image in relation to a number of ‘post’ art practices. Specifically this includes the questioning of media and form through postmedia, post-photographic, post-digital, post-internet and post-screen practices as well as addressing the manner in which the artist creates through post-disciplinary and postproduction methods.