• Gabriela Méndez Cota deposited Infrapolitical Epimetheia: A Wondrous Machine in the group Group logo of Environmental HumanitiesEnvironmental Humanities on Humanities Commons 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    This essay derives from a conference paper in Spanish titled Figuras de Epimeteo, which revisited interpretations of the Greek myth of Epimetheus, the forgetful brother of Prometheus and the forgotten husband of Pandora. Ivan Illich (1922-2002) and Bernard Stiegler (1952-2020) borrowed the figure of Epimetheus in the process of elaborating an existential approach to technology in the age of systems. This essay takes the general question of resonances between Illich and Stiegler as thinkers of technology and the human, capitalism and Christianity, politics and faith, towards a more specific question concerning figures and storytelling within infrapolitical reflection in the wake of the Anthropocene. What is left of Epimetheus, after being used as a metaphor of Christian love (Illich) and of originary prostheticity (Stiegler)? Do ethical/existential figurations of Epimetheus tell us anything useful about the task of thinking today, or does any insistence on figuration and storytelling amount to a denial of extinction scenarios at a time when ‘the end of man has generated a thousand tiny industries of new dawns’ (Colebrook, 2016: 86)?