• It is the return to the origin, in all its forms, that I propose to consider
    through what Heidegger calls a Grundstimmung, a ground-attunement,
    of mourning. This Mourning is a call to take on oneself the strife between
    sorrow and joy, which are within that very Grundstimmung. When one
    finds and stands on/in this locus, he/she is in a relation to place and time
    that precedes feelings and opens the possibilities of home in a post-
    civil war country. The strife will then be accompanied by one between
    heaven and earth, allowing the coming-to-being of a holy place that is
    the very meeting of the local and universal as one’s ownmost. The final
    result of such attunement is the gathering of a people in reconciliation
    to enter an experience of and in their language as the ontological place
    for common thought, history, debate and a shared living/existence.