• Frank Darwiche deposited Lebanon: The Necessary Re-Appropriation of History and Conflict on Humanities Commons 5 years, 11 months ago

    This article underlines the need to call for a re-appropriation of history and the conflict dimension in
    Lebanon as the basis for a new departure. This re-appropriation is twofold: one goes back to the
    founding values, and one beyond the reassertion of such values, questioning the National Pact and
    Constitution and seeking to reconsider nationhood from the perspective of a new living-together that is
    meant to found a new history for the country and be the substratum for the emerging of new historical
    “events”: such living together is to take on a local and thus specific secular formula. The latter must be
    accompanied by a “productive conflict” acquiring a constant dialectic dimension. This in turn can be
    seen on various levels, including the religious and socio-economic. Finally, the deconstruction and
    reconstruction thus effected may only endure if they are accompanied by new shared conceptual
    complexes that take their departure from reconsiderations of language and textuality pertaining to
    complexes such as earth-land-homeland-space and the spiritual, all necessitating communicative
    rationality, in Habermas’s sense.