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    The volume intended to commemorate the 40th anniversary of E. M. Forster’s death. It consists of ten papers by various authors which deal with various aspects of Forster’s oeuvre, creating a new overview of his works from his novels, through his essays to his only opera libretto. An excerpt from review “This collection of essays edited by Krzysztof Fordoński, a renowned specialist in E.M. Forster’s novels, is devoted to various aspects of Forster’s literary output and undoubtedly will be a landmark publication. The book successfully presents all the major issues important in Forster’s works for the contemporary reader: cultural differences, existential and aesthetic problems, varieties of sexual desire, educational challenges. These aspects are discussed from the viewpoint of postcolonial, gender, translation, educational, and cultural studies. This volume should be easily accessible to a wider, international audience, readers who enjoy Forster’s novels and are interested in learning about a variety of issues associated with his life and works.” Prof. Piotr Wilczek, Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies „Artes Liberales”, University of Warsaw.