I am professor of English literature at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Italy) where I presently serve as Provost (Vice-rector) for the University cultural activities and relations. I was Director of the Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies, Head of a BA programme in Modern Languages and Cultures, and of a Master programme in European, American and Postcolonial Literatures, and Rector’s Deputy for Cultural and Literary Activities.
My prevalent area of research is the eighteenth-century literature and culture in England, but I’m also interested in contemporary literature, comparative literature and reception studies, and the interaction between literature and cinema. I direct the journal English Literature: Theories, Interpretations, Contexts, and a series, “Collana di Letterature Moderne”, produced at Ca’ Foscari.
I co-direct the literary festival Incroci di Civiltà – Crossings of Civilizations, held yearly in Venice, for which I interviewed Jeanette Winterson, V.S. Naipaul, Cees Nooteboom, David Grossman, James Ivory, Ian McEwan, and others.


 I hold a degree in Modern literatures from the University of Trieste (1984) and a PhD in English from the University of Florence (1992). I was post-doctoral fellow in English literature at the University of Genoa (1994).

Other Publications

Selected chapters and articles

  • “Like a Jerkin, and a Jerkin’s Lining”: Body, Mind, Sartorial Metaphors, and Sexual Imagery in Sterne’s “Tristram Shandy”. ACME 70 (2017). 27-35 (ISSN 2282-0035)

  • Homunculus ab ovo: beginning as continuity and discontinuity in “Tristram Shandy”. Études Anglaises 66 (2013). 214-33 (ISSN 0014-195X)

  • Youthful Resentment, Bourgeois (Anti-)Heroism and Sublime Unrest: Conrad’s “The Duel” and Ridley Scott’s “The Duellists”. South Atlantic Review  75:3 (2013). 109-29 (ISSN 0277-335X)

  • City heterotopias as the mirror of the Enlightenment Project in Early Eighteenth-Century English Literature: Ward’s “The Amorous Bugbears” and King’s “Journey to London”. Mihaela Irimia, Dragos Ivana (eds.). Author(ity) and the Canon between Institutionalization and Questioning. Bucharest. Rumanian Cultural Institute. 2011. 127-43 (ISBN 9789735776312)

  • “Inverted Sublime”: Humorism in the Nineteenth-Century Italian Reception of Swift and Sterne. Hermann J. Real (ed.).  Reading Swift: Papers from the Fifth Muenster Symposium on Jonathan Swift. München. Willhem-Fink-Verlag. 2008. 491-518 (ISBN 9783770544028)

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  • Pope on the Margins and in the Center. Studies in the Literary Imagination 38:1 (2005). I-XLIV (ISSN 0039-3819)

  • The “Audacious” Art of Walking: The Metropolis and the Proto-flâneur in John Gay’s “Trivia”. South Atlantic Review 70: 1 (2005). 71-96 (ISSN 0277-335X)

  • Gulliver’s Myopic Reformation: Reason and Evil in Gulliver’s Travels. Rudolph Freibr, Susanne Gruss (eds). “To Vindicate the Ways of God to Man”: Theodicy and Literature, Tübingen. Stauffenburg Verlag. 2004. 181-203 (ISBN 9783860577493)


  • La vita e le opinioni di Tristram Shandy, gentiluomo. Milano. Meridiani Mondadori. 2016 (commented edition and translation) / 2018 (PB)

  • Rettorica dell’epica: La dissoluzione dell’epica neoclassica e le traduzioni omeriche di Alexander Pope. Bologna-Milan: Monduzzi Cisalpino. 1998

  • Jonathan Swift. La Musa e il Decano. Antologia Poetica. Milano. Il Minotauro. 1994 (commented translation)

  • Il Wit nel “Tristram Shandy”: Totalità e dialogo. Roma. Edizioni dell’Ateneo. 1987


  • International Laurence Sterne Foundation

  • Ehrenpreis Centre for Swift Studies

  • British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

  • Società Italiana per gli Studi sul Secolo XVIII

  • MLA

  • the Italian and European Societies for the Study of English (AIA, ESSE)

  • the Italian Association of the Teachers of English (member of the direction)

  • Associazione Sigismondo Malatesta

  • Ateneo Veneto


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