I joined the Department of History, Culture and Civilization of the University of Bologna after winning the “Montalcini” program against the so-called “brain-drain” and after a long period of research at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research at the University of Cambridge (first with a fellowship from the Institute for Aegean Prehistory and then with a Marie Slodowska Curie IF). Previously, I had earned a Ph.D. at the Institute of Archeology, University College London, funded by the AHRC and the British School at Athens. My research interests range from prehistory and archeology of the Mediterranean (with particular attention to the Bronze Age), to social theory (in particular Marxist archeology) to the use of applications based on graph-theory, to cultural heritage studies (with specific attention to the so-called “difficult heritage”), and, finally, the history of the archaeological thought.


PhD UCL 2013

Ma UCL 2006

DL University of Salento 2005

Other Publications


2019 “The Archaeology of Late Bronze Age Interaction and Mobility at the Gates of Europe: People, Things and Networks around the Southern Adriatic Sea”, Bloomsbury Academic Press, London; New York.

Edited books

2021  (with H. Dawson) “Bridging social and geographical space through networks”, Topoi Excellence Cluster, Freie Universität, Berlin.

Peer reviewed journals


2018 “Colouring the Mediterranean: Purple Dye in the Mediterranean during the Bronze and Iron Ages” (with Margarita Gleba and Beatriz Marin-Aguillera), Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology.

2018 “Revolution and counter-revolution; or why it is not possible to have a heritage of communism and what can we do about it” International Journal of Heritage Studies

2016 “From Networks to Society: Pottery Style and Hegemony in Bronze Age Southern Italy” Cambridge Archaeological Journal 26(1), 121-140.

2016 “Value, Power and Encounter between the Eastern and Central Mediterranean during the Late Bronze Age” Studi Micenei ed Egeo-Anatolici 2, 101-118.

2016 “Exploring the public perception of Communist Heritage in Post-Communist Albania” (con K.L. Këlliçi) ExNovo 1, 55-69.

2015 “Feasting at Roca: Cross cultural encounters and society in the southern Adriatic during the Late Bronze Age” European Journal of Archaeology 18(2): 259-81.

2015 “Of Pyramids and Dictators: Memory, Work and the Significance of Communist Heritage in Post-Socialist Albania” (con K.L. Këlliçi) Arqueologia Publica 5: 97-122.

2014 “A pioneering experiment: Dialoghi di Archeologia between Marxism and political activism” Bulletin of History of Archaeology 24(5): 1-10.

2010 “Burial & Society in non-Greek Salento (southeast Italy) 600-250 BC” Accordia Research Papers XI, 95-118.


In press (2019) “Neutron Activation Analysis of Aegean and Aegeanizing Ceramics from Roca Vecchia and the Circulation of Pottery in Southern Italy”, (with R. Jung, H. Mommsen and R. Guglielmino) in Atti dell’incontro di Studi di Roma, Poligrafo, Rome.

2018 “Marxist Archaeologies” in A. Gardner; M. Lake; U. Sommers, (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Archaeological Theory Oxford University Press, Oxford.

2017 “The exception and the rule. Making sense of the diversity in patterns of Aegean interaction in LBA Central Mediterranean”, in M. Fotiadis; R. Laffineur; Y. Lolos; A. Vlachopoulos (eds.) ΕΣΠΕΡΟΣ / ΗESPEROS: The Aegean seen from the West, Aegeum 33, 205-214.

2015 “Uno sguardo dall’esterno. Attività marinare e interazione nelle periferie nord occidentali e nord orientali del mondo egeo durante la tarda età del Bronzo” (con L. Coluccia) in L. Bombardieri (ed.) AKROTHINIA. Contributo di Giovani Ricercatori Italiani agli studi Egei e Ciprioti, University of Firenze Press, Firenze, 45-58.

2014 “Network e Società nell’Albania dell’Età del Bronzo” in G. Tagliamonte (ed.) Ricerche Archeologiche in Albania Aracne, Rome, 69-82.

2013 “Westernizing Aegean of LH III C”, in M.E. Alberti; S. Sabatini (eds.) Exchange Networks and Local Transformations: Interactions and Local Changes in Europe and the Mediterranean between Bronze and Iron Ages, Oxbow Books, Oxford, 60-79.

2011 “Capitolo IV. Brevi cenni sulla diffusione dell’Avorio nel Mediterraneo dell’Età del Bronzo” (con R. Guglielmino e M. Rugge) in J. De Grossi Mazzorin (ed.) Artigiani dell’osso, avorio e palco. Ornamenti, utensili e giochi dalla preistoria al medioevo, UniSalento Press, Lecce, 71-76.

2012 Entries “Adriatic Sea”, “Albania” and “Pottery trade” in The Encyclopedia of Ancient History, Wiley-Blackwell.

2011 “Before the stream: the social and economic role of exotica in the central Mediterranean. The case of ivory items from Roca.” (con R. Guglielmino e M. Rugge) in A. Vianello (ed.) Exotica in the Central Mediterranean, Oxbow, Oxford, 172-185.

2010 “Anfora Micenea”, “Skyphos Miceneo”, “Sigillo Miceneo” in Radina, F. & G. Recchia (eds.) Ambra per Agamennone. Catalogo della mostra, Adda, Bari, 2010, 354-355, 371.

Reviews and other

2016 “Beyond those sherds. ‘Aegean’ interaction and Central Mediterranean societies in the Middle and Late Bronze Age” Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies.

2016 “Review of Social Networks and Regional Identity in Bronze Age Italy, by Emma Blake, 2014. New York (NY): Cambridge University Press; ISBN 978-1-107-06320-4 hardback £65 & $99; xiv + 325 pp., 41 figs, 15 tables” in Cambridge Archaeological Journal.

2010 “Review of Vianello, A. 2005. Late Bronze Age Mycenaean and Italic Products in the West Mediterranean. BAR International series, Oxford: Archaeopress, ISBN 1 84171 875 0.” Papers from the Institute of Archaeology 20.

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