• Felipe Furtado Guimaraes deposited Reflecting on Brazilian higher education (critical) internationalization in the group Group logo of LinguisticsLinguistics on Humanities Commons 3 years, 11 months ago

    This study offers a space to think about the internationalization of Brazilian higher education institutions in a more critical way based on a meta-analysis of the studies of a research group that addresses issues such as internationalization programs, language policies and internationalization in that context. Findings of the meta-analysis suggest a gap (and mismatch) of principles and policies to critically guide the process of internationalization in Brazil. This study approaches critical internationalization considering the role of language and internationalization programs and policies, as well as the recognition of the commodification of education and the means of counteracting it. Therefore, it is suggested the deconstruction of the hierarchical imaginary of intellectual and cultural domination, and the solidary interaction among the institutions of the peripheral countries to strengthen the understanding of higher education as a public good