Historian of religious conflict and nationhood. My thesis, ‘Crusading on the Eve of the Reformation: The Making of Church, State, and Society in Late-Medieval England’ shows that crusading played an active and important part in the development of England’s understanding of its national identity and its place and role in Christendom, and the evolution of English political and legal structures just prior to the Reformation. Charlotte has also written and presented papers on the modern memory and legacy of crusading and the use of crusading imagery and memory by far-right groups in Europe and the Americas.

Also interested in the digital humanities, Reformation religious/political thought, and the diplomatic and legal history of the Latin East.

Avatar is from Paris, Bibl. Sainte-Geneviève, ms. 1130, f. 028 – ‘Grâce de Dieu armant le Pèlerin’.

Background image is Konrad von Grünenberg Beschreibung der Reise von Konstanz nach Jerusalem, Badische Landesbibliothek Cod. St. Peter pap. 32, ff. 17v-18r

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