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    “In capitalism, institutional libraries, publishers and book traders all have ways to suppress the publishing of, the access to or the distribution of texts and books — rigidities inviting for creative subversion.”

    This chapter written in the form of a dialogue presents an informal conversation between Eva Weinmayr and her inner voice about artistic and critical practices of radical librarianship and underground dissemination. It touches on a set of examples from informal distribution strategies of the Whole Earth catalogue, to the radical librarian movement in California in the 70s (Celeste West, Sanford Berman) as well as a range of contemporary activist librarian practices (aaaaarg.org, memoryofthe world and the Piracy Project). Common concerns about the function and value of public libraries and access to knowledge “for every member of the community” (ALA, Library Bill of Rights 1939) seem to crop up throughout the conversation: Who is a library for?; What kind of materials and topics are missing and the implicit biases in the organisation and classification of knowledge?