am an advocate for old books and libraries, promoting the Humanities through Special Collections and Archives. 

My research has focused for over a decade on medieval literature and culture. I am interested in recovering individuals lives from the material past, using methodology from literary studies and Book History (codicology, paleography, bibliography). I have been working on an illustrated, thirteenth-century Anglo-Norman Apocalypse manuscript, proposing a hypothetical audience and the manuscript would have been read by its culture.


2013- Present    
Ph.D. (in progress) Comparative Literature, Indiana University, Bloomington
Title: “La voiz que Seint Johan oï ou ciel signefie la grant joie de Seinte                           Eglise en ciel et en terre: An Analysis of the Production and Reception of the Paris Apocalypse (Bibliothèque nationale de France Ms. Français 403)” 
Committee: Rosemarie McGerr, Shannon Gayk, Sonia Velazquez,                                                   Diane Reilly, Michelle Brown (University of London, SAS) 
Graduate Area Certificate in Medieval Studies
Minor: English (Medieval British Literature & Languages)
Defense: June 10, 2020
Certificate of Proficiency in Specialized Area (History of Manuscripts)
University of Virginia’s Rare Book School 
2011- 2013        
M.A. English Literature, University of Florida
Committee: Terry Harpold, William Calin
Thesis: “Seeking that which cannot be found: Chivalric and Gaelic Precursor Texts as Commentary in The Once and Future King
B.A. English & Medieval and Early Modern Studies, University of Florida 
Minor: Geography
            Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi
Thesis: “Artificial Distortion” summa cum laude
Committee: Jill Ciment, David Leavitt  
Thesis: “An Unhappy Knight: The Diffusion of Mordred” magna cum laude
Committee: Mary Watt, Will Hasty, James Paxson, R. Allen Shoaf


Refereed Articles: 
 “An Investigation of a Printer’s Block (Manchester, John Rylands Library,                                            17252): The Earliest Extant Woodblock Printing Apparatus or an Eighteenth-Century                            Creation”, Perspectives Médiévales: revue d’épistémologie des langues et littératures du Moyen Âge, 41. January, 2020. URL: http://journals.openedition.org/peme/22520 
                   DOI: 10:4000/peme.2252
“It is mainly just that they are Irish: Anglo/Irish tensions in T. H. White’s The Once
and Future King”, Arthuriana, Vol. 27, No. 4, Winter, 2017, pp. 40-60. Print. 
“Seeking That Which Cannot Be Found”: T.H. White’s Use of Precursor Texts to
Comment on Pre- and Post- WWII England. Can These Bones Come to Life, Vol. 2.
Freelance Press. July, 2014. Print.
“I sort of get carried away, being so normal and everything”: The Oscillating
Sexuality of Clare Quilty and Humbert Humbert in the works of Nabokov, Kubrick
and Lyne. Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media 4 (Winter 2012). Web. ISSN:
“An Unhappy Knight”: The Bastardization and Diffusion of Mordred in Medieval                                 Texts. Alpata Journal of History. Vol. 7, Spring 2010: 22-32. Print. 
“Selections from Jules Verne’s Vignt mille lieues sous les mers”, Trinity College
Dublin Journal of Literary Translation, Vol. 3 (May 2015), ISSN: 2009-6046. 
Editing Experience: 
(Editor) Graduate Student Committee Newsletter for the Medieval Academy of
America, Vol. IX, No. 3, Spring 2017; Vol. X, Winter 2017; Vol. XI, Spring 2018. 
(Copy editor) A History of the Teaching Collection of Early Manuscripts at the
University of South Carolina, by Scott Gwara & Carl M. Garris, De Brailes
Publishing, 2018.

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