A Postdoctoral Fellow, majoring in international development, a researcher, and an MBA/engineer, with over18+ years of experience. A seasoned project specialist, an author, and a regional data manager with a background in both non/clinical skills. A humanitarian actor with a focus on public health/emergency projects, an analyst, corporate strategist, grant writer and public policy/advocate for good governance, women/youth initiatives, Gender-Based violence and climate action, delivering women inclusion programmes for economic empowerment; a strong community mobilizer and social services, skilled in stakeholder management/advocacy.

An expert evaluator with a focus on project evaluation, learning, adaptation and accountability; designs/implements robust M&E and data management systems; conducts field surveys & leads evaluation teams and manages teams and budgets. In addition, established SOPs, select suitable research methods, learning agendas, and data collection plans for different research/cross-cutting experiences in food security, livelihood and nutrition, public health (SRHR, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB), youth development initiatives, women empowerment initiatives, SDGs, peacebuilding and conflict resolution, WaSH, governance/democracy and policy. He has co-established development/emergency programmes, setup effective result-based M&E systems/research studies, conducted several evidence-based randomized clinical trials, and led evaluations and assessments on a larger scale. Am passionate about research/written policy and research papers on West Africa mainly on social science and public financial management. Familiar with various donor grant policies such as USAID, PF/Givewell, UKAID, OFDA, Pfizer, GF, GAC, EU, PEPFAR-USG, ECHO & UN Agencies.

A certified black Belter, PMP, SCM, HRCI/SHRM, specialized in conducting management (KM) audits to review existing organizational knowledge, mapping critical knowledge threads and developing an organizational knowledge framework that promotes internal transfer of knowledge, evidence uptake, and utilization to meet business development needs, manage transformation change.

A management professional, experienced strategist, result-oriented, excellent analyst, exceptional communicator, highly creative, critical thinker, possess extensive experience in private and the public sector on strategies, business structure design, capabilities and resources required to effectively build and manage teams to drive organizational success and achieve set goals. Highly trained organizational behaviour/management strategies. His emotional intelligence is impeccable.


Post-Doctorate Fellowship, International Development, Economics & Research

Atlantic International University, Honolulu, Hawaii                                                                        Oct 2022 – Dec 2024


PhD, International Development, Economics & Research

Atlantic International University, Honolulu, Hawaii                                                                        Dec 2021 – Dec 2022


MBA, Business Administration and Management

University of Nicosia Cyprus/ UNICAF International University (Zambian Campus)           Apr. 2019 – Jan. 2021


PGD, Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution (Distance Learning)

National Open University of Nigeria                                                                                                     Jan. 2018 – Jan. 2020


HND, Soil and Water Engineering

Ramat Polytechnic, Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria                                                                     Sept. 2016 – Apr.2018


Diploma, AutoCAD

Yasib Computer Institute, Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria                                                         Sept. 2005 – Jan. 2016


Diploma, Civil Engineering

Ramat Polytechnic, Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria                                                                     Oct. 1999 – Sept. 2002


West African Senior School Certificate

Government Secondary School, Borno State, Nigeria                                                                    July 1991 – July 1997


First School Leaving Certificate


Jaudiri Primary School, Borno State, Nigeria                                                                                     Sept. 1986 – Sept. 1991


1.       Njadvara E.M, et al (April 2018) Heavy-Metals Characteristics of Sachet Water in Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria, Department of Agricultural Engineering Technology, Ramat Polytechnic, Maiduguri, Nigeria, unpublished research paper


2.       Njadvara E.M (February 2020), Strategic Planning for Sustainability of Peeton Investment Company in Nigeria: Strategic Business Plan, Faculty of Business Administration & Management, UNICAF Zambia, unpublished paper


3.       Njadvara E.M (August 2019), The Cultural Web: A Tool to Help Managers with the Challenge of Cultural Change, Faculty of Business Administration & Management, UNICAF Zambia, unpublished paper


4.       Njadvara E.M (August 2019), A Financial and Key Management Perspective of Kerry Group Cooperation and SWOT Evaluation, Faculty of Business Administration & Management, UNICAF Zambia, unpublished paper


5.       Njadvara E.M (March 2019), Successful Change Management Strategies: Developing a Leading Nigerian INGO by Using Management and Change Strategies, Faculty of Business Administration & Management, UNICAF Zambia, unpublished paper


6.       Njadvara E.M (March 2019), Marketing Strategy for Business: The 4Ps Concepts in Business Perspective, Faculty of Business Administration & Management, UNICAF Zambia, unpublished paper


7.       Njadvara E.M (May 2019), The Money-Related Report of Pan African Resources Plc: A Top-to-Bottom Investigation, Faculty of Business Administration & Management, UNICAF Zambia, unpublished paper


8.       Njadvara E.M (March 2020), A Review of the Integrated Management System for Intellectual Capital in Knowledge Economy, Faculty of Business Administration & Management, UNICAF Zambia, unpublished paper


9.       Njadvara E.M (March 2020), The Concepts of Intellectual Capital Accounting in Business Environment, Faculty of Business Administration & Management, UNICAF Zambia, unpublished paper



10.    Njadvara E.M (March 2020), Nonaka’s Viewpoint of Strategic Management with Direct Relevance of Knowledge and Organization Learning: Case Study of PeeTO Investment Company, Faculty of Business Administration & Management, UNICAF Zambia, unpublished paper

Blog Posts


    1.       Conducted an Impact Evaluation: Conducted Lot Quality Assessment Survey (LQAS); evaluation conducted after each Seasonal Malaria Chemotherapy (SMC) drugs distribution that prevents under five children from malaria morbidity and mortality, LQAS measures the impact of SPAQ drugs in under-five children in Borno state, Nigeria; August, 2022


    2.       Conducted End of Round survey (EoR) in Borno state SMC (all cycles) activities, to measure, impact, sustainability, relevance, effectiveness, efficiency on SMC in 2million children administered SPAQs in Borno state between August to December, 2021


    3.       Conducted Health Management Information System (HMIS) activities in Borno state on 6 selected Health Facilities; a sentinel survey to understand and compare the trends of malaria within Borno state; August 2022


    4.       Conducted a multi-sectorial Joint Assessment (MSNA), consortium project with Acted, TDh, CARE International and YEPDI to complete need assessment during the COVID-19 pandemic using remote data collection with a team of 20 trained data collectors in Kalabelge of Rann, Borno, Nigeria; August, 2022


    5.       Conducted a Multi-State/Partner Need Assessment in Borno, Yobe, Adamawa states in Northeast Nigeria to assess the needs of the most crisis-affected population in Northeast. Collated need assessment data from three states of the Northeast to design a new project, analyzed and submitted. August 2022


    6.       Conducted baseline/midline evaluations on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR/Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Global Affairs Canada (GAC) integrated Projects in Bama/Dikwa Local Government areas of Bornos’ Northeast Nigeria, from April 2019 to March 2021.


    7.       Family Health International, Care International, MEPIN, Harvard School of Public Health, Medical Education Partnership Initiative Nigeria, Centre for Disease Control: Successfully Implemented projects for these organizations in baseline survey, mid-term evaluation, final evaluation, data quality audit and field supervision all in Northern Nigeria on Humanitarian service, from September 2004 – September 2013.


    8.       Family Health International – A Project Coordinating provided leadership and technical support for (200/40+/30) Case Managers/Adhoc staff that scale-up dwindled HIV test-and-start services; a 90-90-90 PEPFAR ARV goal for HIV/AIDS Clients at the facility/IDP camps scored 45% to 90% within 6 months of SIM Assessment evaluation by USAID DEVTECH from October 2017 to August 2018


    9.       Successfully contributed to WASH and Hydrogeological activities of the Borno State Water Cooperation, Borno state Nigeria.


    10.    Completed the MEPIN – Northwestern University Education Project; the University of Maiduguri, College of Medicine, Borno Nigeria. December 2012 – November 2015


    11.    End of Project Evaluation/Assessment: Conducted a holistic End of Project Evaluation/Assessment of Harvard School of Public Health HIV/AIDS Project and Family Health International (FHI360) Programme. May 2016


    12.    Implemented a MULTI-LAYERED Project on Harvard School of Public Health, PEPFAR-USG | Health – HIV/AIDS Emergency Program; University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital-Northern Nigeria September 2004 – September 2013



    13.    Completed 2 Projects on Family Health International-360 |SIDHAS USAID funded, University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital-Northern Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (CDC), | Health Sector; Assessment Survey of Health Facilities in Northeast Nigeria September, 2016


    Member                                HR GLOBAL: Human Resource Snr Global Partner                                                                           October 2022 – Present

    Member                                UNITAR – Global Water Solutions                                                                                                                                   Jan 2022 – Present

    Member                                Youth for Green Hydrogen                                                                                                                                                  March 2022 – Present

    Member                                                    World Bank Youth on Climate Change                                                                                                                       April 2022 – Present

    Member                                                   Chartered Institute of Human Resources Management, (CIHRM)                                                         April 2022 – Present

    Member                                Green Team Academy – Positive Energy Works LLC                                                      May 2022 – Present

    Member                                Varysian Hydromet Network, United States of America                                                                                July 2022 – Present

    Member                                International Global Mental Health Action Network (GMHAN)

    Financing Working Group                                                                                              Aug 2021 – Present

    Member                                Amnesty International                                                                                                    July2020

    Member                                CARE Youth Network                                                                                                      Nov 2019 – Present

    Member                                Community of Markets in Crises                                                                                  Sept 2019 – Present

    Member                                International Association of Professionals in Humanitarian

    Assistance and Protection (PHAP)                                                                              Aug 2019 – Present

    Member                                International Development Network, Bond Communication Group.                   Aug 2019 – Present

    Member                                CARE International Humanitarian Quality & Accountability Network.                 Nov 2018 – Present

    Member                                UNESCAP Knowledge Hub for Sustainable Development                                        Oct 2018 – Present

    Member                                Humanitarian Institute for the International Humanitarian Community              Oct 2018 – Present

    Associate                               African Entrepreneurship Membership.                                                                     Oct 2018 – Present

    Member                                Development Aid Group                                                                                                July 2018 – Present

    Associate                               European Development – Devco Membership                                                          Nov 2017 – Mar 2020

    Member                                Nigerian Association of Technologists in Engineering (NATE)                                Sept 2017 – Aug 2018


    Member                                Office for Human Research Protections                                                                     Sept 2004 – Present

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