JD (2021, in-progress), Southern Illinois Carbondale School of Law

PhD (2018), The European Graduate School, Philosophy

MA (2016) The New School for Social Research, Philosophy

BA (2014) Purdue University, Philosophy

Other Publications

Cosmophenomenology: Alterity and Harmony of Consciousness as Dark Energy in the Universe (Atropos Press, 2019)

Dionysos and Apollo: Remediating Said’s Orientalism with Metacritical Perspective (Philosophy Study, 2017)

Nietzsche’s Cosmopsychical Infinity: A Post-Nihilist Ethos of Eternal Return, Lambert/Omniscriptum Publishing, 2016

Deleuze and Pinhas: Conference on the Musical World (Translation)

Deleuze and Pinhas: Vincennes Course on Music (Translation)

Badiou: Nietzsche’s Anti-Philosophy (Translation)

Creation of Reality by Maria Mileno, Edited


Friedrich Nietzsche Society/Gesellschaft

Wanyoung Kim

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