• Elsa De Luca deposited MEI and Verovio for MIR: A Minimal Computing Approach in the group Group logo of Music Encoding InitiativeMusic Encoding Initiative on Humanities Commons 2 years, 10 months ago

    While the increase in digital editions, online corpora, and browsable databases of encoded music presents an extraordinary resource for contemporary music scholarship, using these databases for computational research remains a complex endeavor. Although norms and standards have begun to emerge, and interoperability among different formats is often possible, researchers must devote considerable time to discover, learn, and maintain the skill sets necessary to make use of these resources. This talk will discuss our work with the Serge Prokofiev Archive and the creation of a prototype to browse, display, and play notated music from Prokofiev’s notebooks via a web browser. The project is an example of how using the principles of minimal computing can reduce the burden of technological expertise required to both disseminate and access encoded music.