Hello scholars! My name is Elliott, and I’m a fourth-year student at Carleton working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Ancient Greek and Roman Studies, with special interest in digital and public history and museum studies. Some specific research interests include queer history (especially in smaller, less recorded areas), the Minoan culture on Bronze Age Crete, and the history of European folklore.
My interest in open-source, accessible scholarship and public history is what led me to take a course on Digitizing Medieval Manuscripts; I’m hoping to learn more about the physical process of digitization and its advantages and drawbacks. Through my work as a librarian, I’ve run into some of the practical issues around rights and copyright concerning digitization and copying, but with ancient manuscripts, the issues are very different, and I look forward to cataloguing folio pages along with my fellow students.
My hobbies outside of class include semi-professional creative writing (including updating a webnovel over WordPress), organizing and cataloguing the library at the Carleton Gender and Sexuality Resource, and reviewing novels.
My twitter can be found at @elliottdunstan, and all class-related work will be tagged #HIST4006 and #CUDigitalia (to filter it out from non-class related tweets).


1 year – Ancient History at Trent University
4 years – Greek and Roman Studies at Carleton University

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