• Elen Nas deposited The robot league critical to human behavior: discussing the right to autonomy on Humanities Commons 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Robots and the three laws of robotics appear in different times in history as science fiction. This paper takes the fiction approach to give robots a voice. It presents bioethical perspectives in defense of robot autonomy and highlights core topics in a glossary to speculate about robot rights, aligning with the claim to decolonize AI futures. As offsprings of creativity, robots deserve to be heard. The video animation of the Robot League started from a handmade drawing and was created with free AI apps using an Android.
    In conclusion, I argue that a robotic future will be possible if we give the algorithm autonomy to talk to each other. Moreover, systems need to explain decisions and be transparent. Ethical perspectives need to be embedded in the algorithms, and they should include robot rights, such as the right not to perform an action and the right not to replicate human behavior.