In August 2021, I will begin a three-year term as Graduate Program Director in the Stony Brook Music Department.

Service to the Field (selected)

  • Editorial Board, Yale Journal of Music & Religion (2020–)

  • Co-Chair, American Musicological Society Graduate Education Committee (2020–2022)

  • Member, Society for 17th-Century Music Program Committee (2021)

  • Member, American Musicological Society Program Committee (2019)

  • Past Co-Chair, American Musicological Society Cultural Diversity Committee (2015–2017)

  • Reviewer: Journal of Musicology, The History Journal,  Yale Journal of Music & Religion, Quadrivium: Revista de Musicologia, Past Tense, Oxford University Press


PhD in Music History and Theory, University of Chicago
Dissertation: “Sacred Music in Prague, 1580–1612”

BMus, University of British Columbia


Other Publications

Review of Antonio Chemotti, The Hymnbook of Valentin Triller (Wroclaw 1555): Musical Past and Regionalism in Early Modern Silesia (Warsaw 2020), in Muzyka 66 (2021): 202–09 10.36744/m.989

The Ends of Harmony: Sacred Music and Sound in Prague, 1550–1650 (book manuscript)

“Friendships and Confessions in a 17th-Century Motet Anthology” in Clavibus unitis (Association for Central European Cultural Studies)

“Of Music, Morals, and Salads: The Uses of Harmony in Imperial Prague,” Common Knowledge 27 (2) (2021): 280–308

“Musical Encounters in Imperial Prague” Austrian History Yearbook 52 (2021): 64–80

“On the Trail of a Knight of Santiago: Collecting Music and Mapping Knowledge in Renaissance Europe,” Music and Letters 101 no. 3 (2020): 397–453

“Hearing the Body of Christ in Early Modern Prague,” Early Music History 38 (2019): 51–105

“New Wor(l)ds for Old Sounds,” with Margaret Schedel, Organised Sound 23 (2018): 133–143

Music in Rudolfine Prague, ed. Erika Honisch and Christian Leitmeir (Leiden, under contract)

“Czech Republic, § I: Art Music 2: Renaissance to 1620.” Grove Music Online (forthcoming).

“Music In-Between: Sacred Songs in Bohemia, 1517–1618,” in Renaissance Music in the Slavic World, ed. Vasco Zara and Marco Gurrieri, 209–259 (Turnhout: Brepols, 2019).

“Drowning Winter, Burning Bones, Singing Songs: Representations of Popular Devotion in a Central European Motet Cycle,” Journal of Musicology 34 (2017): 559–609

“Light of Spain, Light of the World: Invoking St. James in Early Modern Prague,” in New Perspectives on Early Music in Spain, ed. Tess Knighton and Emiliano Ros-Fábregas,  188–205 (Kassel, 2015)

Review of Richard Freedman, Music in the Renaissance and Anthology for Music in the Renaissance, from the series Western Music in Context: A Norton History (New York and London: Norton, 2013), College Music Symposium 54 (2014)  http://dx.doi.org/10.18177/sym.2014.54.rev.10671

Pro laudatissima Domo Austriaca: Music and Eucharistic Devotion at the Prague Court of Rudolf II,” in Sakralmusik im Habsburger Kaiserreich 1570–1740ed. Tassilo Erhardt, 109–128 (Vienna, 2013)

“The Transmission of the Polyphonic Amen in the Early Fifteenth Century,” Plainsong and Medieval Music 41 (2012): 41–72.

Bohemian Sacred Music.” Review of Repertorium troporum Bohemiae medii aevi (ed. Hana Vlhová-Wörner and Codex Kuttenbergensis (ed. Jan Bat’a). Early Music 40 (2012): 699–702.


Writing for the Public

Liner notes for Cinquecento, Jacobus Regnart, Missa Christ ist erstanden and other Masses (Hyperion) 2021

Transforming Music in Baroque France,” Long Island Opera Guild Newsletter, ed. David Lawton (February 2018): 2–4

Handel in Italy,” Long Island Opera Guild Newsletter, ed. David Lawton (January 2016): 2–4″

Calculating Music in the Middle Ages,” arts.codes vol. 0 (January 2017)


Member of Connected Central European Worlds, 1500–1700 (PI: Suzanna Ivanič) University of Kent

Member of CONFRASOUND research team (PI: Tess Knighton), subject: The Contribution of Confraternities and Guilds to the Urban Soundscape in the Iberian Peninsula, c. 1400–1700

Member of Project Team for NEH-funded digital humanities project CODICES (PIs: Virginia Blanton, Nathan Oyler, Jeff Rydberg-Cox)

Inclusive Early Music collective (website launched August 1, 2020!); co-editor with Giovanni Zanovello

Thematic Issue of Organised Sound “New Wor(l)ds for Old Sounds,” co-edited with Margaret Schedel, Composition (2018)

Harlem Renaissance & Music Teaching Document (editable, crowd-sourced list of readings/listening suggestions & teaching ideas) also available via the American Musicological Society’s Pedagogy Study Group

Schola Antiqua (dir. Michael Anderson) “Slavic Routes” (2 concerts, Chicago 2016; taking it to Notre Dame, IN, February 2020), editions and translations, curated program, in-concert commentary

Cultures of Communication: An Interdisciplinary Colloquium for the Study of the Book (Stony Brook University, 2015–present; funding generously provided by Stony Brook FAHSS and the Delmas Foundation; co-organized with Joshua Teplitsky, History, and Aurélie Vialette, Hispanic Languages and Literature)

Periods and Waves: A Conference on Sound and History (Stony Brook University, 2016; funding generously provided by Stony Brook FAHSS, co-organized with Benjamin Tausig, Ethnomusicology, Robert Crease, Philosophy, and Michele Friedner, Disability Studies)


Upcoming Talks and Conferences

“Celebrating Habsburgs and Misplacing Manuscripts in Guido Adler’s Musical Empire,” Sounding Habsburg: Sonic Circulations in Central Europe, New York City, April 22-23, 2022

“Philippe de Monte in Chicago,” Philippe de Monte at 500 International Symposium, Prague 2021

In terra aliena: Singing Catholic Brotherhoods in Imperial Prague” Medieval-Renaissance Music Conference, Lisbon 2021

Colloquium Talk “Inclusive Early Music: Possibilities and Limitations” (with Giovanni Zanovello and Deanna Pellerano), University of Maryland, November 6, 2020

Colloquium Talk “Decolonizing Early Music, or Decolonizing from Early Music?” (with Giovanni Zanovello and Deanna Pellerano), Indiana University, October 2, 2020

“Confessions, Anthologized: Heartbreak, Vandalism, and the Promptuarii musici (Strasbourg, 1611–13 and 1617)”
The Luython Year Conference (1620–2020), Prague, Czech Republic (July-August 2020)

Sound Expertise podcast (host: Will Robin), Episode 1 “Music and Co-Existence in Prague” launching July 22, 2020

Morality in Wartime: On the First Performance of Ferdinand III’s Drama musicum
Society for 17th-Century Music Annual Meeting, Durham, NC (April 2019)

Sound Remains, 1627
Colloquium Lecture, Carolina Symposia in Music and Culture
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
(November 9–10 2018)

“Fighting over Music in Baroque France”
International Baroque Institute Longy (IBIL), Longy School of Music, Bard College
Boston, MA (July 2018)

Seminar—Jewish Sounds in Early Modern Europe: Spaces, Traces, Representations
Early Modern Workshop: Resources in Jewish History
Fordham University (April 2018)

Colloquium talk “The End of Harmony: Music, Sound, and Religious Pluralism in Early Modern Prague”
Boston University, Boston, MA (April 2018)

“Bones, Trumpets, and Machines: Translating St. Norbert in Prague and Antwerp”
Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA (March 2018)

Colloquium Talk “The End of Harmony: Music, Sound, and Religious Pluralism in Early Modern Prague”
Catholic University of America, Washington, DC (March 2018)

“Sound Historiography: Song, the Virgin Mary, and the Thirty Years War”
Stony Brook University Emeritus Faculty Association (February 2018)

“Beyond the Pietas Austriaca: Marian Music and Local Religious Culture in Early Modern Bohemia”
American Musicological Society Annual Meeting, Rochester, NY (November 2017)

“Listening Subjects: Hearing and Mishearing Music in Prague, 1618”
Initiative for Historical Social Sciences, Stony Brook, NY (November 2017)

“Writing Motets and Rewriting History in Imperial Prague”
Medieval-Renaissance Music Society Annual Meeting, Prague, CR (July 2017)

“Of Morals, Musics, and Salads: Pious Pastimes in Imperial Prague”
Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL (March 2017)


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