Associate Professor of the Department of Communication, Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, where he also headed the MA Communication (2011-2017). He has published and lectured on film production, critical art, aesthetics and politics, Latin American film and theater and arts-based research. He is the author of Hacer tiempo: estrategias críticas del arte en lo político (Playing for time: critique, art and politics, Universidad Iberoamericana-Ciudad de México, 2020). He currently works on a research project on the uses of landscape in representations of violence, forced disappearance and migration in Latin American film and theater. He has also worked in documentary films, theatre, as a curator and cultural management projects. He holds a PhD in History of Art from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and an MPhil (Artistic Research) in Art, Territory and Media Culture from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona. He has been a visiting lecturer at the University of Gothenburg, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Netherlands Film Academy, UNAM and Universidad Veracruzana. He has worked extensively in artistic and cultural projects, namely in documentary film, theatre and curatorship. He is accredited by the National Researchers System in Mexico (Level 1 Researcher) and was Regional Vice Chair of CIBA, the Latin American regional association of the International Association of Film and TV Schools (2014-2018). He is part of the International Research Network on Live and Performing Arts, ARTEA.


National Autonomous University of Mexico
PhD History of Art

University of Barcelona
MFA Art, Territory and Media Culture


Surface Tensions: Critical Studies of Image and Representation

Critical Pedagogies of Film and Media Arts


Vice-Chair, CILECT Ibero-America. International Association of Film and TV Schools (2014-2018)

LASA, Latin American Studies Association

IAMCR, International Association of Media and Communication Research

Edwin Culp

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