• Edmundo Murray deposited The Irish in Latin America and Iberia: An Annotated Bibliography in the group Group logo of Digital HumanistsDigital Humanists on Humanities Commons 2 years, 9 months ago

    This bibliography includes books, book chapters, articles, documentaries and websites grouped in geographic areas: Latin America (general); Central America; the Caribbean; Argentina; Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru; Brazil; Colombia and Venezuela; Mexico; Paraguay and Uruguay; Portugal and Spain. Thematic lists include: San Patricio Battalion of Mexico; Eliza Lynch (1835-1886); William Brown (1777-1857). Some entries repeat in more than one category. This bibliography was first published in “Irish Migration Studies in Latin America” (www.irlandeses.org) in April 2003 and updated through October 2007. Some later published book-length studies have been added in 2019.