Ph.D., 2013, The University of Denver and the Iliff School of Theology
Religious and Theological Studies (Biblical Interpretation)

M.T.S., 2002, Vanderbilt Divinity School
Religious History

B.A., 2000, Mars Hill College
English and Philosophy



Sovereignties, Spaces, Subjects, and Spirits: The Necropolitics of the Acts of the Apostles (SBL Press, forthcoming)

Paul the Progressive? The Compassionate Christian’s Guide to Reclaiming the Apostle as an Ally (Chalice, 2019)

Jewish Glass and Christian Stone: A Materialist Mapping of the ‘Parting of the Ways’ (Routledge, 2018)

Foucault’s Heterotopia in Christian Catacombs: Constructing Symbols and Spaces in Ancient Rome (Palgrave Macmillan Press, 2014)


Journal Articles

Romans 15:4-13 (Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology) 76.4, forthcoming)

Queerer Meals: Paul and Communal Anti-Norms in Corinth (Journal for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies 2.2, Spring 2021)

Paul’s Map and Territory: Rethinking the Work of the Apostle in Light of Ancient Cartography (Horizons in Biblical Theology 42.1, 2020)

The Fall and Rise of Eutychus: The Church of Paul and the Spatial Habitus of Luke (Biblical Interpretation 28.2, 2020)

Makeshifting the LMS: Strategies and Tactics in the Digital Classroom (Theological Education 52.2, January 2019)

Play Basketball, not Tennis: Take Advantage of the Digital Space and Redesign Your Course for Conversational Learning (Didaktikos 2.4, January 2019)


Commentary Entries and Other Articles

Commentary on Mark 13 (Visual Commentary on Scripture, forthcoming)

An Oracle to a Worried People (Visual Commentary on Scripture, September 2020)

Masters and Slaves, Rich and Poor (Visual Commentary on Scripture, November 2019)

Sacred Stones Ministries (Christian Century, June 2019)

Rethinking “Early Christian Art”: A Response to Rethinking Early Christian Identity by Maia Kotrosits (Ancient Jew Review, 2019)


Book Chapters

The Emergence of Christian Material Culture, in The Cambridge History of Ancient Christianity, eds. Bruce Longenecker and David Wilhite (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming)

Praying for the Water: Racial and Religious Solidarity in the Shadow of Coal Ash, in Water and the Problem of Environmental Racism, ed. Miguel De La Torre (Pilgrim Press, forthcoming)

Pure Bread of Christ: Imperial Necropolitics and the Eucharistic Martyrdom of Ignatius, in Desiring Martyrs in Space and Time, eds. Katherina Waldner and Harry Maier (DeGruyter 2021)

Reading the Bible Against Whiteness, Point of View Publishing, 2019


Book Reviews

Review of Age of Conquests: The Greek World from Alexander to Hadrian by Alexander Chaniotis (Review of Biblical Literature, 2020)

Review of Jews and Christians in the First and Second Centuries: The Interbellum 70-132 CE, eds. Joshua Schwartz and Peter J. Tomsen (Journal of Theological Studies, 2019)

Review of Picturing the Apocalypse: The Book of Revelation in the Arts over Two Millennia by Natasha O’Hear and Anthony O’Hear (Reading Religion, 2017)

Review of From Rome to Beijing: Symposia on Robert Jewett’s Commentary on Romans, edited by K.K. Yeo (Review of Biblical Literature, 2017)

Review of Depicting the Dead: Self-Representation and Commemoration on Roman Sarcophagi with Portraits, by Stine Birk (Review of Biblical Literature, 2016)

Debunking the Debunking: A Review of Rodney Stark’s Bearing False Witness (Patheos Book Club, 2016)


Encyclopedia Entries

Material Culture (3000 words) in Encyclopedia of Jewish-Christian Relations (DeGruyter, forthcoming)

Care for the Dead (6000 words) in the Brill Encyclopedia of Early Christianity (Brill, 2018)

Cherubs (3000 words) in the Brill Encyclopedia of Early Christianity (Brill, 2018)

Comfort (6000 words) in the Brill Encyclopedia of Early Christianity (Brill, 2018)

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