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    I am Professor of Modern History at the University of Southampton.  I specialise in modern British history with particular interests in the nineteenth century.  My work ranges across the political history of the period, including British foreign policy, the history of social reform and philanthropy, and Victorian liberalism.


    Palmerston and the politics of foreign policy, 1846-55 (Manchester University Press, 2002).

    Palmerston: A Biography (Yale University Press, 2010).

    Edited collections

    (ed. with Miles Taylor), Palmerston Studies I and Palmerston Studies II (Southampton: Hartley Institute, University of Southampton, 2007).

    (ed. with Robert Crowcroft and Gordon Pentland), The Oxford Handbook of Modern British Political History, 1800-2000 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018)


    Articles and chapters

    ‘Compelling but not Controlling?: Palmerston and the Press, 1846-1855’, History, 86 (January 2001), 41-61.

    ‘The Power of Public Opinion: Palmerston and the Crisis of December 1851’, Parliamentary History, 20:3 (October 2001), 333-358.

    Palmerston, South Hampshire and Electoral Politics, 1832-1835. Hampshire Papers, 26 (Winchester, 2003).

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    ‘Palmerston and the 1850s’, in D. Brown and M. Taylor (eds.), Palmerston Studies I (Hartley Institute, 2007), pp. 68-94.

    ‘Morally transforming the world or spinning a line?: politicians and the newspaper press in mid-nineteenth century Britain’, Historical Research, Vol. 83, No. 220 (May 2010), 321-42.

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    ‘The Press’, in David Brown, Robert Crowcroft and Gordon Pentland (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Modern British Political History, 1800-2000 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018), pp. 154-72

    ‘Palmerston’s conquest of Sligo’ in Matthew Kelly (ed.), Nature and the Environment in Nineteenth-Century Ireland(Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2019), pp. 35-54.

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