• Ellie Bennett deposited Beards as a Marker of Status during the Neo-Assyrian Period in the group Group logo of Ancient Near EastAncient Near East on Humanities Commons 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Beards were part of a visual matrix of expressing masculinity during the NeoAssyrian period (ca. 934–612 BCE). But masculinity does not exist in isolation and interacts with other aspects of identity. I will examine the beard as an indicator of masculine status during the Neo-Assyrian period. This will be done through investigating the visual and textual evidence separately. The first section will focus on the visual representations of the king in the palace reliefs and will pay particular attention to the length of the beard of the king in relation to others in the scene. I will demonstrate that the beard was simply one aspect of several visual cues indicating a man’s rank, particularly with respect to the Assyrian king.