My research programme addresses geospatial and digital methods in anti-colonial, decolonial, postcolonial and Indigenous heritage studies.


PhD Anthropology, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

MSc GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology, University College London, London, England

BSc (Honours) Archaeological Science (Anthropology), University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Digital Scholarship (*peer-reviewed)

*Gupta, N. 2017. “Maps and Myths”, Anthropology News website, Nov 10, 2017, doi: 10.1111/AN.680 http://www.anthropology-news.org/index.php/2017/11/10/maps-and-myths/

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Editor-reviewed articles

Nicholas, R. and N. Gupta. (2022). Ethics, Community and Data. Conservation Perspectives, Fall 2022, Vol 37 (2): 16-18. url: https://www.getty.edu/conservation/publications_resources/newsletters/37_2/37_2_toc.html

Gupta, N., Rajesh S.V., S. Chatterjee and Abhyan G.S. (2021). MINA | Map Indian Archaeology: opening post-colonial archaeological research in the Indian context through Web-based geovisualization. Livingmaps Review, https://www.livingmaps.org/neha-gupta

Blog Posts


    Building an Anti-colonial Digital Archaeology in the Canadian Context through Indigenous Data Governance Principles

    Mentoring and Leadership Training with and alongside Indigenous, Black, Asian, and Racialized women faculty: Co-making IBRac centered, decolonial, culturally-focused, and strength-based approaches

    Materializing Indigenous Histories: Community-University Partnerships for Indigenous-engaged Archaeological Research (co-applicant)

    Needs Assessment of Digital Archaeological Information Governance Tools at Westbank First Nation Archaeology Office (co-applicant)

    The Open Digital Archaeology Textbook Environment: An Integrated Open Source Approach for Teaching Method and Practice in Digital Archaeology, Carleton University, 2016 – pres https://o-date.github.io/draft/book/

    MINA | Map Indian Archaeology, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2015 – pres http://dngupta.github.io/mina.github.io

    Upcoming Talks and Conferences

    2022    Gupta, N. Discussant, Forum on Exploring data stewardship with tDAR, Open Context, and DINAA, Society for American Archaeology (SAA), 87th Meeting, Chicago, IL, USA, Apr 2022.

    2022    Chatterjee, S., N. Gupta, Rajesh SV. Conference Paper: Emerging Paradigms: Maps, Digital Databases and Visual Exploration of Archaeological Sites in the Fluvial Terrains of Bengal. The Digital Divides: Discontents, Debates and Discussions, DHARTI (Digital Humanities Alliance for Research and Teaching Innovations) 2022, India, Feb 2022

    2021    Gupta, N., Rajesh SV, S. Chatterjee, Abhayan GS. Conference Paper: A decolonial perspective on archaeological practices in the Indian context. Managing Archaeology in Post-colonial Contexts: Decoloniality as a Framework, WAC Inter-Congress 2021 (virtual), Aug 30, 2021.

    2021    Gupta, N. and S. Chau. Conference Paper: Teaching anti-racist digital anthropology in the time of #LandBack, #DefundThePolice and #StopAsianHate. Stream on Digital Pedagogy during the Pandemic, 7th Annual Digital Pedagogy Institute Conference 2021 (virtual), University of Waterloo and Ryerson University, Aug 10-11, 2021.

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