• Darshi Arachige deposited Prehistoric Venuses and Puberty Rites on Humanities Commons 2 years, 10 months ago

    The following article describes a new opinion on explaining the Prehistoric Venus figurines. Main idea behind
    the document was to stir some discussion on looking at those figurines from a very different point of view.
    The author genuinely believes that this view represents a very strong contender for a highly plausible explanation.

    Since their discovery, the pre-historic Venus figurines had been subjected to much scrutiny and the
    theories to explain their existence abound. Present article is an attempt to provide another viewpoint
    that cannot be easily ignored. The idea reintroduced here is that these figurines are the representations
    of personage or personages related to the girls at puberty. The supporting arguments are provided from
    various angles including ethnographic studies.