Mediterranean, sometime Classical, archaeologist. Currently I am researching the relationship between the ancient Romans, their volcanic landscape, and their built environment as director of the “Quarry provenience and Archaeological Dating of the Roman-Area Tuffs in Antiquity” (QUADRATA) Project. I also continue to study cult places in the context of local and regional political developments, with a particular interest in the 1st millennium BCE central Mediterranean, and am working on the architectural and ritual development of the sanctuary of Fortuna and Mater Matuta in Rome’s Forum Boarium during the Middle Republic, based on my recently completed dissertation titled “The Roman Middle Republic at Sant’Omobono.”


2019-2020. Rome Prize Fellow in Ancient Studies, American Academy in Rome.

2017. Ph.D.,  Classical Art & Archaeology, University of Michigan.

2012-2013. Regular Member, American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

2005. B.A., Classical Studies, University of Pennsylvania.

2003. Student, Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies, Rome.

Other Publications

P. Brocato, D. Diffendale, D. Di Giuliomaria, M. Gaeta, F. Marra, N. Terrenato, 2019. “A Previously Unidentified Tuff in the Archaic Temple Podium at Sant’Omobono, Rome and its Broader Implications.” Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology 32,1, 114–136.

D.P. Diffendale, 2019. “Disiecta Fictilia: Republican-era moldmade architectural terracottas from the magazzino at Sant’Omobono.” In P. Brocato, M. Ceci & N. Terrenato (Eds.), Ricerche nell’area dei templi di Fortuna e Mater Matuta. Vol. II. Università della Calabria.

D.P. Diffendale, 2019. “A note on the provenience of the Late Archaic terracottas.” In Brocato, Ceci & Terrenato (Eds.), Vol. II.

D.P. Diffendale,  F. Marra, M. Gaeta & N. Terrenato, 2018. “Combining geochemistry and petrography to provenance Lionato and Lapis Albanus tuffs used in Roman temples at Sant’Omobono, Rome, Italy.” Geoarchaeology. https://doi.org/10.1002/gea.21702

D.P. Diffendale, P. Brocato, N. Terrenato & A.L. Brock, 2016. “Sant’Omobono: an interim status quaestionis.” Journal of Roman Archaeology 29, 7–42. https://doi.org/10.1017/S1047759400072032

D.P. Diffendale 2016, “Five Republican monuments. On the supposed building program of M. Fulvius Flaccus.” In P. Brocato, M. Ceci & N. Terrenato (Eds.) Ricerche nell’area dei templi di Fortuna e Mater Matuta. Vol. I. Università della Calabria, pp. 141–166.


QUADRATA (Quarry provenience and Archaeological Dating of the Roman-Area Tuffs in Antiquity) Project, Rome.

Sant’Omobono Project, Rome.

Venus Pompeiana Project, Pompeii.

Mt. Lykaion Excavation & Survey Project, Arkadia, Greece.


Accordia Research Institute
Aegeus – Society for Aegean Prehistory
American Philological Association / Society for Classical Studies
Archaeological Institute of America
The Etruscan Foundation
Society for Ancient Mediterranean Religions

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