• Dawit Dibekulu deposited An Argumentative Essay on the Primary Focus of ELT Syllabus on Humanities Commons 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) plays an increasingly important role in language
    education, both as a feature of foreign language teaching and learning, and as an element of bilingual
    and plurilingual education. As learners develop their language competences, they are able to deal with
    evermore complex topics, so teaching material needs to offer learners interesting and challenging
    subject matter. One way to do this is through CLIL where language and subject teachers work together;
    language teachers acquire subject knowledge and subject teachers acquire expertise in combining
    language development with teaching the content effectively. Recent developments in CLIL have
    focused more specifically on academic illiteracies as well as on the use of CLIL approaches in the
    teaching of the language of schooling/majority language. So, this paper intended to examine the
    argument on the focus of language syllabus to be content or language.