• Recent explorations in L2 pedagogy signal a shift away from the conventional concept of method
    toward a “post method condition” that can potentially refigure the relationship between theorizers and
    teachers by empowering teachers with knowledge, skill, and autonomy. So empowered, teachers could
    devise for themselves a systematic, coherent, and relevant alternative to method, one informed by
    principled pragmatism. The post method condition can also reshape the character and content of L2
    teaching, teacher education, and classroom research. in practical terms, it motivates a search for an
    open-ended, coherent framework based on current theoretical, empirical, and pedagogical insights that
    will enable teachers to theorize from practice and practice what they theorize. This paper explores one
    such framework consisting of 10 macro strategies, based on which teachers can design varied and
    situation-specific micro strategies or classroom techniques to effect desired learning outcomes.