• David Olmsted deposited Lachish Ivory Comb Text Translation From Minoan Linear A (1650 BCE) in the group Group logo of Alphabetic AkkadianAlphabetic Akkadian on Humanities Commons 1 year, 3 months ago

    The text signs on this comb are Minoan Linear A and not the Proto-Canaanite of Serabit el-Khadim as claimed in its 2022 archaeology report. Like most pre-classical linear texts found by archaeology, the language of this text is Akkadian which was the language of the Neolithic farming culture which spread into Europe from the Near-East starting around 7,000 BCE. Combs in a ritual context represent the process of bringing order to the divine life network just like combs bring order to messed up hair. The divine life network distributed life-power fluids which then triggered manifestations (revelations) of invisible, eternal “Platonic” life-forms. These fluids when manifested in their own right were light, heat, and rain. The translation implies this order was being corrupted by feelings of envy which was resulting in a drought. The text reads:

    ……. emotional-energy
    Life-threads, emotion-owls [2 unreadable words] Hu-powers
    Conflict is dehydrating the threads due to envy of the Revealer (Yahu)