• David Olmsted deposited Three Religiously Themed Philistine Texts in Alphabetic Akkadian (1160-960 BCE) in the group Group logo of Pagan StudiesPagan Studies on Humanities Commons 1 year, 7 months ago

    Three previously untranslated Philistine (Sea Peoples) texts are translated in the empire language of Alphabetic Akkadian/Aramaic. Their script style is in the Minoan lineage which began with the Phaistos Disk and continued on with Linear A. Unlike those texts these texts are now fully alphabetic meaning their inner word signs are consonants followed by arbitrary vowel sounds. These are the earliest readable linear texts of the Iron Age so far discovered. The texts are from Qubur al-Walaydah, Gath (Tel es-Safi), and Izbet Sartah. They all deal with religion indicating that local Pagan temples were responsible for maintaining alphabetic literacy through the dark age of the Bronze Age economic collapse. Izbet Sarteh is discussing the reasons for a local drought around the time Shechem and Shiloh were destroyed suggesting a drought was the root cause of that conflict.