Christine Tulley is Professor of English and Founder and Director of the Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Writing at The University of Findlay. As the campus Academic Development Coordinator, she runs faculty writing groups and offers tenure and promotion application support including effective practices for writing teaching philosophies and persuasive reflective statements.

She is the author of How Writing Faculty Write (2018), the forthcoming Rhet Comp Moms: What 150 Time Use Diaries Can Teach Us about Parenting, Productivity, and Professionalism (Utah State University Press), and contributes regularly to Inside Higher Education on faculty productivity issues.

She gives regular lectures and workshops on faculty writing and time management for teaching and scholarship, most recently as a faculty writing retreat coordinator for University of North Georgia and Ohio Northern University and as a featured speaker at the scholarly publishing conference Researcher to Reader in London in February 2019. She also served as the 2018 keynote speaker for the Peck Research on Writing Symposium at Middle Tennessee State University, a keynote speaker at the inaugural AAEEBL Conference on eportfolios at The University of Michigan and was the 2010 Visiting Scholar in Digital Media and Composition at Ohio State University. Currently, she is a research adviser with Prolifiko, a writing productivity think tank in the UK, to address faculty writing challenges across various career stages.


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan; April 2005. Graduate Certificate of Screen Arts and Cultures, specializations in melodrama and feminist film theory 

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio; August 200. PhD in English, specialization in Rhetoric and Composition. Graduate Certificate of Gender Studies

Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio; December 1997. M.A. in English, specializations in Linguistics and Rhetoric and Composition

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio; August 1994. B.S. in Educatio



Tulley, Christine. How Writing Faculty Write: Strategies for Process, Product, and Productivity. Utah State University Press. 2018.

Edited Collections

Blair, Kristine, Radhika Gajjala, and Christine Tulley. Webbing Cyberfeminist Practice: Communities, Pedagogies, and Social Action. Hampton Press, 2008.

 Peer Reviewed Articles

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Book Chapters

 Tulley, Christine. “Reviving an Oral Tradition: Using Podcasting to Teach Ancient Literature.” Teaching Literature with Digital Technology. Editor Tim Heitland. New York: Bedford/St. Martins, 2017.

Tulley, Christine. “Preparing Preservice Writing Teachers to Enact the (Digital) Common Core Standards in Secondary Writing Classrooms: A Fresh Approach to the Common Core Standards in Research and Writing.” The Next Digital Scholar. Editors Jim Purdy and Randall McClure. Medford (NJ): Information Today, 2014. Bronze Medal for Education in the Commentary/Theory Category for the 2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

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Blair, Kristine, and Christine Tulley. “E-Writing Spaces as Safe, Gender-Fair Havens: Aligning Political and Pedagogical Possibilities. “Teaching Writing with Computers: An Introduction. Eds. Pamela Takayoshi and Brian Huot. Houghton Mifflin, 2003. Winner of Computer and Composition’s Best New Book for 2003 Award.

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    Rhet Comp Moms: Productivity, Professionalism, and Parenting/What 100 Time Use Diaries Reveal about Academic Motherhood in Rhetoric and Composition. Monograph length manuscript analyzes 100 time use diaries of rhetoric and composition mothers using modified double description coding to determine how they find time to write for publication despite parenting duties and time-intensive writing faculty and/or administrative positions. See this website for updates.


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