I’m a PhD candidate at Stony Brook University studying borders, bodies, violence, and war in contemporary US literature. I’m interested in the intersection of challenges and ideas that we tend to view as totalizing, all-encompassing, or comprehensive, such as perpetual war, climate change, and nationalism. In my research, I explore imaginative spaces and imagery that highlights the intersections of these types of problems in hopes of finding ways to describe and understand their vulnerabilities. My in-progress dissertation is titled “Possibly Everywhere but Hopefully Not Forever: Reading the War on Terror in US Literature from the Post-9/11 Era.”


In addition to my literary research, I am also deeply concerned with the ethics, theory, and practicalities of education. As a young Latina instructor, I strive to create learning spaces where my students and I are seen, heard, and challenged. 


Because reading is no longer a “pastime” for me, I like to spend my free time doing anything that makes me laugh and playing more Stardew Valley than I care to admit. One of my major life-goals is to move to the beach.


Stony Brook University

PhD Candidate (Anticipated 2020)     

Advanced Certificate in Cultural Analysis and Theory (2017)


St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD

BA Liberal Arts (2010)


“To Grade or Not to Grade: The Struggle to Assess”

Blog Post, EGL: Teaching and Learning in the SBU English Department (2017)



“Cycling to ASLE”

Interview, Wicked Problem: A Podcast about Climate Change (2017)


Blog Posts



    Dissertation: “Everywhere but Hopefully Not Forever: Reading the 

    War on Terror in Post-9/11 US Literature”


    Teaching: English 130.30 Science and Literature, “Toxic Understanding: From Environmental Toxins to Toxic Masculinity” [Online Course]


    ASLE Summer Reading Group



    “Biking to ASLE: Travel Experience & Conference Form” Bike Trip and Presentation, organized with David Rodriguez (NYC->Detroit, 2017)


    Environmental Humanities Faculty Development Seminar (Stony Brook University, 2015 – 2017)


    Wicked Problem: A Podcast about Climate Change (2017) 


    Upcoming Talks and Conferences

    July 2018, “Revelatory Apocalypse in the Work of Junot Díaz”

    Latina/o Studies Association, Washington DC

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