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As well as a lecturer in Meteorology with a PhD at Monash University, I’m a Professor in Environmental Mission at Missional University, adjunct faculty at Eastern College, Melbourne and ecotheologian with Ethos: EA Centre for Christianity and Society. 


  • M Phil (Theology) planned for 2017
  • PhD (Meteorology), Monash University, 2002-2009.
  • Scholar in Theology Certificate, Tyndale College Sydney, 2000-2009.
  • Certificate IV: Workplace assessment and training, Australian Institute of Management, 2004.
  • Graduate Diploma in Meteorology, Bureau of Meteorology, 1997.
  • MSc (Physics), University of Sydney, 1992-1994.
  • BSc (Hons), Monash University, 1998-1991.


Refereed theology papers
“Eco-missiology and narrative: A study in Romans and eco-missiological method,” Australian Journal of Mission Studies, December 1, 2012.“The Earth is Full of your Creatures: A Theology of Wilderness,” Anglican EcoCare Journal of Ecotheology 1 (2014): 65-78.“All Things Bright and Beautiful” Toward an Aesthetic Ecotheology,” Anglican EcoCare Journal of Ecotheology 2 (2016).“The EcoTheology of Ross Langmead,” Australian Journal of Mission Studies, December 1, (2016).“Oil and Blood on the Bayonet: Empire, Oil, War and Ecology”, Interface, (2017), in press.Other theological works
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Melrose, D.B., & Pope, M.H. 1993: Diffusive shock acceleration by multiple shocks, Proc. ASA, 10, 222-224.Pope, M.H., & Melrose, D.B. 1994: Diffusive shock acceleration by multiple shocks with differing properties, Proceedings Proc. ASA, 11, 175-179.Pope, M.H., Ball, L., & Melrose, D.B. 1996: Shock acceleration in hot spots, Proc. ASA, 13, 132-139.Mick Pope, Jakob, C., and Reeder, M.J. 2008a: Convective Systems of the North Australian Monsoon, J. Clim., 19, 5091-5112.Mick Pope, Jakob, C., and Reeder, M.J. 2009a: Objective Classification of Tropical Mesoscale Convective Systems, J. Clim., 22, 2797-5808.Mick Pope, Jakob, C., and Reeder, M.J. 2009b: Regimes of the North Australian Wet Season, J. Clim., 22, 6699-6715.

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