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‘Hard it is to stir my tongue’: Raiding the Otherworld for the Elixir of Poetry

Folklore Fellows’ Communications 317 (book). Looks at raid on Otherworld as means of securing poetic skill, covering various traditions (Norse, […]

15 September 2019 15 September 2019 ancient Greek, Bede, Coleridge, Finnish-Karelian folk poetry, Franks casket, medieval Irish, medieval Welsh, Norse literature, Norse myth, Old English, poetic inspiration, Siberian shamanism
The Tears of Mardöll

Fictional work based on various Old Norse myths (esp. of Freyja and the Völsunga saga), aimed at younger readers (around […]

15 September 2019 15 September 2019 Norse myth; fiction; Freyja; Völsunga saga
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