• Historical Synergy: Mannheim holds that historical and political thought is determined by the socio-historical location of the thinker and the political aspirations and material ambitions of the group or groups to which he belongs.
    2. Prehistoric Artic Hunter-Gatherer Synergy of Beliefs in Animal Spirits w/ Economic-Political Realities Erica Hill states, “First, prey animals, including bear, walrus and whale, were perceived as agential beings who interacted with humans as persons; they were sentient social equals capable of deciding whether to favour humans by allowing themselves to be taken. Human hunters engaged with prey animals on a regular, perhaps daily, basis.
    3. Totemic Societies: Native Americans and Australian Aborigines – Hunter-Gatherer Worldviews in Terms of a Harmonious-Cooperative Embracing Nature
    4. Ancient Greek Religion and the Hierarchy of gods as a patriarchal bickering family – a reflection of the political reality from ancient Greek Mycenaean times
    5. Modern Academic Materialism: As David Hays emphasizes, the economic-political reality of the enlightenment – social contract plus rational individualism – created a “cultural construction of an extreme individualism which is particularly evident in the Western world”