• Spirituality is a natural human predisposition. It is more primal than institutional religion and concerns a person’s sense of connectedness with self, others, and the world (or cosmos). Kate Adams Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln & Brendan Hyde Australian Catholic University
    Preface: Edna’s story of her struggle with the death of her father
    Edna observed “I began to understand then, that everything I needed to overcome the turmoil that I was experiencing, was within myself … Spirituality became a part of my life, and was repeatedly looked upon for understanding in other situations. My spirituality is a part of my very existence that is made up of hopes, mysteries, and values. It is shown in my interactions with others, and in my writing … It is the light of being that gives meaning and understanding to everything and everyone that I encounter. I give thanks to the spirituality within me.”
    You wouldn’t ordinarily think a 12-year-old could write something as sophisticated and profound as that – but this was written by “Edna (12), struggling with the death of her father,” One small study revealed that 68 out of 125 people who are grieving – not surprisingly – engage spirituality>