• The parapsychologist, Daryl Bem, through successfully repeated experiments demonstrated that precognition experiments do, in fact, produce consistently successful results. It began with Daryl Bem’s 2011 article about his original experiments which produced very significant results. That article got a lot of other researchers interested. Also, Daryl Bem had the foresight to develop “kits” to give to other researchers so they didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Quite a number of researchers became involved.

    In 2016, an article about a meta-analysis of these experiments states that “When Bem’s own experiments are included, the complete database comprises 90 experiments from 33 different laboratories located in 14 different countries. A total of 12,406 individuals participated in these experiments.” The article goes on to say that the results showed that the experimental design focused on sex was by far outperformed the other designs. (A Summary of “Feeling the Future: A Meta-analysis of 90 Experiments on the Anomalous Anticipation of Random Future Events by Bem, Tressoldi, Rabeyron & Duggan).