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    Celine Camps is a PhD student in the history of early modern science at Columbia University. Her research revolves around early modern artisanal practices and culture. She is especially interested in German metalworkers, their approaches to nature, and the ways in which they produced and communicated knowledge about it.

    Camps graduated cum laude from Maastricht University with a B.A. in Arts and Culture (majoring in Knowledge and Technological Culture) and holds a Master’s degree (cum laude) in the History and Philosophy of the Sciences and Humanities from Utrecht University.

    Before relocating to New York, she worked at Sven Dupré’s research group Art and Knowledge in Pre-Modern Europe at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin and the Huygens ING (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) in The Hague.

    Since 2016, she is a participant in Professor Pamela Smith’s
    Making and Knowing Project at Columbia University, as part of which she has helped transcribe, encode and translate, an anonymous sixteenth-century French technical-artisanal manuscript.

    In 2019, she was appointed member of the Renaissance Society of America’s first Graduate Student Advisory Committee.
    She also serves as rapporteur for the History and Philosophy of Science Seminars at Columbia University.




    M.A., History and Philosophy of the Sciences and Humanities, Utrecht University.
    B.A., Arts and Culture, Maastricht University.

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