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    There seems to be a continuum between Fernando Pessoa’s metadrama of heteronyms and his strict-sense plays, but this is more hypothesis than theory, because Pessoa’s dramas—notwithstanding the editions of Teatro Estático (2017) and Fausto (2018)—are still largely unknown. Written between 1903–1908, the tragedy of Marino is the earliest of Pessoa’s English plays. Half of the corpus—comprising datable fragments and lists—appeared in Pessoa Plural 18 as “Part 1.” The remaining corpus is transcribed here, from 48 documents (45 of them entirely unpublished) with the passages that could not yet be dated with precision. The edition is organized according to types of papers and plot. The dossier is preceded by an introduction discussing paper typology, plot, dramatis personae, and open questions. An Annex includes short or unattributed fragments, as well as newfound witnesses and an Errata of fragments edited in Part 1.