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Other Publications currently has a bug where, past one hundred articles, the oldest publications cease to appear on the front page.

Social conditions of outstanding contributions to computer science : a prosopography of Turing Award laureates (1966-2016)

Minerva and Virgil – a program (Notes on Karpathy et al. 2014)

A User-Defined Web. And, on Systems modification in general.

Notes on the Freedom Tower. Current issues in Networking (mesh).

Hackers Revisited : the “original “hackers””. Clever solutions, political acts.

Ensuring the integrity of research in the Age of open access. A proposal : hashing + public-key cryptography signing.

When doing good pays : A first research into the remuneration practices of non-profit executives (particularly the IT sector).

“Not just a HR trend”. Behind the curtains of diversity : a statistical analysis of role distribution and hiring practices at a technology company.

Computers and philosophy. A proof of infinity in the XVII th century.

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