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    Executive Committee:

    Meredith L. McGill, Jan. 2016 (2015–Jan. 2016 Ch.)
    Ivy Wilson, Jan. 2017 (2015–Jan. 2016 Sec.)
    Dana Luciano, Jan. 2018
    Rodrigo Lazo, Jan. 2019
    Hsuan L. Hsu, Jan. 2020

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  • Group logo of LLC African American
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    LLC African American forum executive committee:

    Dana A. Williams, Jan. 2017 (2015–Jan. 2016 Ch.)
    Deborah McDowell, Jan. 2018 (2015–Jan. 2016 Sec.)
    Miriam Thaggert, Jan. 2019
    Thabiti Lewis, Jan. 2020

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  • Group logo of LLC Early American
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    Group administrator: Sarah Rivett, Jan. 2019

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  • Group logo of TC Race and Ethnicity Studies
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  • Group logo of 2018 MLA Convention
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    Will you be attending #MLA18 in New York City? Log in (or create an account) and join this group to start discussions, share convention-related links and resources, and connect with other participants. For full […]

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