PhD, English, Princeton University (2018)
MA, English, Princeton University (2013)
MA, German Studies, Stanford University (2011)
BA, Southwestern University (2008)


The Pace of Fiction: Narrative Movement and the Novel, forthcoming from Oxford University Press

“Willa Cather’s Naiveté,” in Twentieth-Century Literature, vol. 66, no. 1 (2020)

“Pace and Epiphany,” in New Literary History, vol. 49, no. 3 (2018)

“American Women’s Ghost Stories in the Gilded Age, by Dara Downey” (Review), in Women’s Studies 46, no. 8 (2017)

“Monument, Mountain, Root: Figures of Translation, from Romeo to Julia,” in Interlinguicity, Internationality, and Shakespeare, ed. Michael Saenger (McGill-Queen’s UP, 2014).

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