Bill Endres is a digital humanists whose scholarship intersects the digital humanities, manuscript studies, and rhetoric. Using advanced imaging techniques, he has digitized the 8th-century St Chad Gospels, doing groundbreaking work to present the results on the Web through interactive 3D renderings, an altered viewer for spectral enhanced RTI viewing of dry-point writing, and a viewer for stacked and comparable multi-spectral and digitized historical photographs. His extensive work on historical photographs to assess  aging and trends in the St Chad Gospels guides the manuscript’s care and handling.


PhD in English, Arizona State University


Digitizing Medieval Manuscripts: The St Chad Gospels, Materiality, Recoveries, and Representation in 2D and 3D. Leeds: ARC Humanities Press, 2019. (This summer, ARC Humanities offering 40% discount with promotion code ARC40Summer)

Selected Articles and Book Chapters

“The Ethics of Serendipity: Rare Events and a Need to Act” in Serendipity in Rhetoric, Writing, and Literacy Research, edited by Peter Goggin and Maureen Daly Goggin. Logan: Utah State University Press, 2018, pp. 221-36.

“Oh Lord, make haste to help me: Prayer and Imagery Atop Canon Table II in the Book of Kells” in An Insular Odyssey: Manuscript Culture in Early Christian Ireland and Beyond, edited by Rachel Moss, Felicity O’Mahony, and Jane Maxwell. Dublin: Four Court Press, 2017, pp. 213-30.

“A Literacy of Building: Making in the Digital Humanities” in Making Things and Drawing Boundaries: Experiments in the Digital Humanities, Debates in the Digital Humanities Series, edited by Jentery Sayer. University of Minnesota Press, 2017, pp. 44-54.

“The St Chad Gospels: Ligatures and the Division of Hands,” Manuscripta: A Journal for Manuscript Research 59.2 (2015): 159-86.

“Imaging Sacred Artifacts: Ethics and the Digitizing of Lichfield Cathedral’s St Chad Gospels,” Journal for Religion, Media and Digital Culture 3.3 (2014): 39-73.

“More than Meets the Eye: Going 3D with an Early Medieval Manuscripts,” Proceedings of the Digital Humanities Congress, Sept. 6-8, 2012: Studies in the Digital Humanities, edited by Clare Mills, Michael Pidd, and Esther Ward. Sheffield: The Digital Humanities Institute, 2014.

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    Manuscripts of Lichfield Cathedral: multispectral, RTI, 3D, and registered historical photographs of St Chad Gospels and Lichfield Cathedral’s Wycliffe New Testament (https://lichfield.ou.edu)


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