• Bhushan Mohite deposited Stress Analysis and Optimization of Front Wheel Hub on Humanities Commons 1 year, 3 months ago

    This paper describes weight reduction of front wheel hub of COEP SUPRA SAE Formula car. The objectives of this
    paper are to develop structural modeling, finite element analysis, optimization and final design validation of the wheel hub.
    Topology optimization technique is used for performing optimization of wheel hub. It helps in the reduction of unwanted
    material and thereby mass of the component decreases respectively. The structure of wheel hub was modeled utilized CATIA V5
    software and analysis was performed using ANSYS Workbench software. The loading conditions were analyzed and Static
    analysis was carried out for finding the stress and deformation results. Optimization was performed with minimize mass as
    objective function. Based on the obtained FEA result, an optimized and enhanced design for high strength – low weight was
    obtained. The optimized wheel hub is 34.9 % lighter compared to initial design. Through this project, we have arrived at an
    optimized design of a front wheel hub, that is both strong and light weight with reduced material for best performance.
    Keywords: CAD Model, Front wheel hub, Finite Element Analysis, ANSYS, CATIA, Topology Optimization.