• Benoît Crucifix deposited Bertoyas dans la jungle. Bande dessinée et édition sauvage on Humanities Commons 6 years, 11 months ago

    Jean-Michel Bertoyas’s oeuvre is composed primarily of self-published comics fanzines whose main traits are an art brut approach and a peculiar use of diversion and collage techniques. His case invites us to uphold and expand upon the many reflections initiated by the ACME research group on “comics in dissent” by looking more closely at the dynamics that characterize “wild publishing” in comics. Through a minor poetics, Bertoyas cultivates a particular position within the worlds of micro-publishing and fanzines as sites of resistance to the institutionalization and domestication of comics. An analysis of the material formats and circulation channels of his works, as well as their specific aesthetic and narrative qualities, will allow us to formulate a larger reflection on the relationships between fanzines and other forms of independent publishing in comics.