Without degree nor PhD my catalog of works at moment is listing approx.

– 50 or so research works and books, mainly relating  somehow to history in a broader sense and to musicology

– 167 or so written music – compositions arrangements, edition – partly with scientific prefaces.

Everything  is made free accessible here in CORE repository of Humanities Commons and in German National library and in other Libraries.

They SAY, that you NEED a “PhD” or “academic title” – but MY life showed, if necessary go WITHOUT! They SAY, that you need for development in music proper equipment, but MY life told other.

So in the end: SURROUNDINGS and SUGGESTIONS OF SOCIETY may turn out to be TESTS only, to get HARDER, so to become enabled to reach out to TRUE VALUES   for the  centuries!

And don’t forget: TO LAUGH AT LIFE!

Tell you what: The old hermits, from which are taken my Christian names were FAR MORE intelligent than MOST of other storytellers and chitchat-folks!


Was enrolled in quite a number of topics, mainly in “teachers training, German language and literature, Music, secondary education to 10th class”, and for master-studies in history –  but NOT ANY UNIVERSITY DEGREE accomplished

Did in meantime some coursera MOOC-courses around the globe – Tokyo, Singapore, Harvard, Zurich, Edingburgh – and made contact to NPTEL MOOC, Madras, India.

Supported Gnessinka Music School, Moskwa, Hongkong Philharmonic Youth Program, Conservatory of Opava (operated by Order of German Knights OT) , Tchechia – and selected few choirs.

Work Shared in CORE

Course material or learning objects


– Main Christian denominations, both Roman Catholic  and (Russian, Serbian) Orthodox

– I may add:  In 2019, aged 66, I kindly was informed, that my mother was in NAZI imprisonment including 2 KZs from 1939 to 1945 – and afterwards possibly fell victim to SOVIET troops, which PROBABLY brought her to Rawaruskaja, from where she SOMEHOW made her “way back” to WEST-Germany via POLAND.

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