Ph.D., Philosophy, Baylor University, Expected Spring 2019

MA, Philosophy, Baylor University, Spring 2018

MA, Philosophy, Biola University, May 2013

BA, Philosophy, University of California, Irvine, June 2010


Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters & Reference Works

1. “Reducing Social Epistemology: Internalist Testimonial Justification and Cognitive Science” With Trent Dougherty. In Katherine Dormandy (eds.). Trust in Epistemology. Routledge, forthcoming, 2018.

2. “Against Emergent Dualism” In Loose, Menuge, and Moreland (eds.). The Blackwell Companion to Substance Dualism. Oxford, UK: Wiley Blackwell, forthcoming, 2018.

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5. “Teleology;” “Gilbert Ryle;” and “Rene Descartes” In Copan, Reese, Strauss, and Longman III (eds.). Dictionary of Christianity & Science. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2017.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

1. “The Primacy of the Mental: From Russellian Monism to Substance Dualism” Philosophia Christi 20 (2) (2018): forthcoming.

2. “The Sanctifying Work of the Holy Spirit: Revisiting Alston’s Interpersonal Model” With Steve L. Porter. Journal of Analytic Theology (6) (2018): forthcoming.

3. “The Argument from Reason, and Mental Causal Drainage: A Reply to van Inwagen” With Todd Buras. Philosophia Christi 19 (2) (2017): 381-399.

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5. “Who You Could Have Known: Divine Hiddenness, Epistemic Counterfactuals, and the   Recalcitrant Nature of Natural Theology” With Derek McAllister, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 82 (3), 337–348.

6. “Responding to N. T. Wright’s Rejection of the Soul” Heythrop Journal, forthcoming, DOI: 10.1111/heyj.12341

7. “What Does it Mean to Be a Bodily Soul?” With C. Stephen Evans. Philosophia Christi 17 (2) (2015): 315-330.

8. “Eternal Life as Knowledge of God: An Epistemology of Knowledge by Acquaintance and Spiritual Formation” Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care 6 (2) (2013): 204-228.


Invited Book Reviews

1. “The Soul of Theological Anthropology” Religious Studies Review (forthcoming, 2017).

2. “Contemporary Philosophical Theology” Religious Studies Review 42 (4) (2016): 275.

3. “The Routledge Companion to Theological Anthropology” Religious Studies Review 42 (4) (2016): 272.


SCP Science Cross-Training Fellowship

The Fellowship

Funded by the John Templeton Foundation, the Graduate Cross-Training Fellowship from the Society of Christian Philosophers provides doctoral students in philosophy the opportunity to cross-train in an are of scientific research. The Fellowship provides a stipend of $30,000, plus an additional $2,000 research fund, as well as $2,000 for any University overhead costs.

My Project

My fellowship takes place over the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters. My project focuses on recent research on the neuroscience of attention as it pertains to consciousness, especially self-awareness and the unity of consciousness.

As part of my fellowship, I will work in The Mind-Body Medicine Research Laboratory in Baylor’s Department of Neuroscience and Psychology with Dr. Gary Elkins and his research team. I will also I will take graduate level neuroscience courses, and participate at the Annual Center for Consciousness Studies Conference in Sweden.  ​

Upcoming Talks and Conferences

“Dallas Willard’s Prophetic Metaphysics of the Soul & Spiritual Formation,” Experiencing Life with God Conference, Westmont College Santa Barbara, CA, May 15-18, 2018



1. American Philosophical Association 2008-present

2. Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness 2015-present

3. Society of Christian Philosophers 2009-present

4. Society for Aristotelian-Thomistic Studies 2014-present

5. Evangelical Philosophical Society 2009-present

6. Baptist Association of Philosophy Teachers 2016 -present

7. Christian Neuroscience Society 2017-present

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