I am a teacher educator and teacher trainer working with preservice and in-service teachers. My ultimate goal as a teacher educator and teacher trainer is to improve the quality of teaching and learning and assessment in Pakistani classrooms. The other goal embedded with my ultimate goal is to enable teachers to learn to READ and UNDERSTAND text (English, Urdu, Social Studes, History and Geography) and make sense of the content of these textbooks and also present students with the COMPLETE PICTURE of different events mentioned in these textbooks by informing students about the MISSING information.


PhD, University of Management and Technology, Pakistan, 2015-2021.

MA (Education), University of Leeds, UK, 2003-2005.

MEd (Teacher Education), Allama Iqbal Open University, Pakistan, 2001-2003.

MA (English Literature), The University of the Punjab, Pakistan, 2000-2002.

BEd, University of Karachi, Pakistan, 1998-1999.

International Graduate Certificate in Education, Australian Catholic University, Australia, 1999.

Other Publications

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